Zhongxing Explosion-proof Electronics is a leading manufacturer of explosion-proof products in China and is appointed by the Ministry of Petrochemical Industry to supply explosion-proof products. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 10012. Zhongxing has passed every product spot-check conducted by the National Technical Supervision Bureau. We are proud of being the only enterprise awarded by the bureau in the industry for such achievement.

Zhongxing is exceptionally strong in technology as well as in development of new products. We have our own integrated testing devices, technological equipment, computer assistant design, drafting, our own workshops for mold casting, casting, machining, welding, plastic and rubber hot pressing, resin spraying and assembling. Therefore, it is a complete system for designing and producing both standard and custom products. 

The products are designed and produced in accordance with IEC, GB and EN standards. All of the products have been certified by the national agencies of explosion-proof inspection. Some products have obtained Norwegian and Korean certificates. Currently, we are producing fifty series and nearly a thousand types of products. Some products, such as the explosion-proof control stations were patented by the state and awarded locally and nationally. Zhongxing products are broadly applied in many major state projects and various enterprises in the industries of petroleum, chemistry, medicine, grain processing, military and etc. In addition, the products are exported to foreign countries and have been applied into some foreign companies' projects in China, such as USA (Du Pont, Mobil, Shell, Motorola), Germany (BASF), France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Japan, and Singapore, etc.

Now Zhongxing is developing at great pace. We do appreciate the trust and support from home and abroad. We strive to continue to provide the best products and services to our customers. We warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to come to visit us.

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