Honors and Certificates

      The engineer inst-ructed to install the ex-plosion-proof equipm-ents in The Chinese Shenzhou 5 manned spacecraft launching site.

   Shenyang Zhongxing products are used successfully in The Chinese Shenzhou 5 manned spacecraft launching site and stand the astringent proof of shake and shock wave in the spacecraft launching. When the group of Shenzhou 5 came to Shenyang, spaceflight hero, Liwei Yang, thanks to Shenyang Zhongxing provide high quality explosion-proof equipments.




       The manager was in C-ommission of Science Te-chnology and Industry for National Defense Design Institute.




   On Feb. 11th, 1995, the National Technical Superv-ision Bureau held a forum about Shenyang Zhongxing Xinbiao explosion-proof pr-oducts quality at Guangxi C-onference Hall of the Great Hall of the People and high-ly recommended Zhongxin-g's experiences of managi-ng product quality.

     The forum is reported by the state Central TV station and local TV station such as Liaoning, Beijing, Shenyan-g,and State Central broad-casting station and The Pe-ople's Daily, National Qua-lity Newspaper and some other agencies.



    Hansheng Liao is ttalking with the manager Yan Li.









     The leader of China Che-mical Industry is making a speech.









     Desheng Li is talking with the manager Yan Li.



       The leader of National Ministry of Labour is making a speech.


      Wenri Ma is talking with the manage r Yan Li.



      The leader of Sinopec is making a speech.



    Lei Jieqiong, vice chair-man of February 13, 1995 in Beijing met with the mana-ger Yan li.


Lei Jieqiong, Ni Zhifu, Lao Hansheng, Ma Wenri and Li Desheng gave inscription for the forum.


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